Month: May 2009

Training run #27

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Saturday 30/05/09, 7.45am.

Week 8 pattern, 5k lap.

Weather sunny but not hot yet.

Took it easy, average HR 140, peak HR 146; total time 34.11.

Compares well to a similar time on 19/5 – that was 34.24, avg HR 143, peak 150.

A good run.

Not been running much this week because of long hours at work.

Weigh-in 28/05/09

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Weigh in 28/5/09

12st 8lb. Lost 3lb this week.

Started 11 Feb 14st 10lb. Lost over 2st 2lb overall.

Training run #26

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Friday 22 May, 7pm.

Week 8 pattern. Sunny, broken cloud, mild, nice breeze.

Started off on very steady slow jog and kept it at that all around the 5k. Like clockwork, easy, rhythmic. Legs started to feel a bit tired, which is unusual as they often don’t. Probably a tiring day at work catching up.

Managed to keep HR under 140 (upper target is 149!). Was surprised I could keep it in the mid-130s and on occasion had to make sure it didn’t drop too low – lower limit 131.

Average HR 135bpm; peak HR 141. Total time 36mins. So a minute and a half slower than typical time, but HR reflects this.

Weigh-in 21/05/09

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Weigh in:

12st 11lb; lost 1lb this week.

Training run #25

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Tuesday 19 May, 6.22pm.

Week 8 run, 30+ mins running.

Weather sunny, breezy, mild. Ran easy trying to keep HR within zone. Felt I could go on and on, got into a good pattern like clockwork.

Average HR 143, peak 150. Total time 34.25.

A few hours after the run my right ankle felt stiff. Could be linked to kicking a very heavy football Monday night queueing on Shoreham Street. Was surprised how heavy it was and though it felt fine after a while on Monday maybe tonight’s run found a weakness. Not a big problem, just rest it.

109 days to BGYR.

Training run #24

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Saturday 16 May, 9.50am.

First Week 8 run; run for 30+ mins, no walking.

Took it steady. Cool day with stiff breeze on some parts. Wore coat but could have managed without.

Time on 5k lap 34.26.

Avg HR 144, peak HR 152. Managed 32.46 in target HR zone, and 1.20 in zone below while getting started. Only 0.33 above 149bpm.

A good run.

Weigh-in 14/5/09

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Weigh-in Thurs 14/5/09.

12st 12lb – lost 2lb this week.