Month: January 2012

training session #386

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Tuesday 31 January, 16:57.

Staying overnight in London for work so decided to check out the small gym. Got on the bike machine, dialled it up to 9 on resistance and tried to keep it around 80rpm for an hour. After 20-25 mins thought I might struggle but kept it going. Slight chafing in between legs and pouring with sweat. Drank 750ml water on bike and half as much again from water point in gym straight away. Garmin HRM kept trying to find satellite cos I pressed the wrong button, and I didn’t tell it I was cycling not running. The cycle machine kept saying I was doing 16 something per hour, dunno if it’s miles or km.

Distance: 16 somethings
Time: 1:00:00
Avg HR: 136bpm
Calories: machine said 600-odd, Garmin said 692

Good workout for my upper legs. HR may have been slightly lower had I not been bopping to 30STM while in the saddle (I had the gym to myself). Towards the end it was stuck in the 150s.

training run #385

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Sunday 29 January, 08:47

Cold, 0C to 2C, bright with some sunshine, frost everywhere and some dangerous icy stretches on the path around Rother Valley.  Did a detour via a postbox at the start, to post some letters.  Just tried to run at an easy pace and nurse my right calf around.  As usual it felt better later on and I had enough energy for an extra lap of RV at the end, taking it to 16 miles.  Only carried 3 gels, no drink.

I’ve read up on my calf niggle and think it may be achilles tendonitis, or a slight tear/stretch where the achilles tendon joins the calf muscles.  Weak calves can be a factor so I’ve been doing calf lifts on the stairs, avoiding aggressive calf stretching and getting a lot of cold water on it in the bath after a run.  I’ll try this for a few days and then go see a physio if it doesn’t show signs of improvement.

Distance:  26.66km
Time:  2:39:14
Avg HR:  147bpm
Avg pace:  5:58 min/km
Calories:  1806

training run #384

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Friday 27 January, 06:00

3C, cold and very wet underfoot. Wrapped up well, including running tights, for my usual 7 mile run. Right calf played up as usual but eased later in the run. Felt ok otherwise and aimed to keep my HR in the mid-140s. Exiting RV at 10.5km I saw my time was good so put a spurt on up the hill and finished just outside my PB.

Distance: 11.47km
Time: 1:06:44
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 857

training run #383

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Thursday 26 January, 06:04

Cool 6C, very wet underfoot but not raining. Went for my usual 7 mile run around RV. Right calf felt better on second lap, managed to forget about it and get into an easy rhythm. Calf stiffened up later on at work.

Distance: 11.47km
Time: 1:08:22
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:58 min/km
Calories: 847

training run #382

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Wednesday 25 January, 05:43.

Mild, 9C, breezy. Wet underfoot after lots of rain on Tuesday but not raining now. Went for usual 7 mile run around Rother Valley, setting off a bit early so I will be able to drive Emma to college. Right calf still a bit stiff but doing lots of stretching and towards the end of the run it isn’t noticeable.

On way into work I did a hamstring stretch in a car park and the different foot height stretched better right down into my calf and I think it did it good. So I will stretch at that height more often and see if it helps.

Distance: 11.46km
Time: 1:07:34
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:54 min/km
Calories: 810

training run #381

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Sunday 22 January, 10:26.

Fairly mild 10C, sunny but very strong wind.  Went for my usual 13 mile route with a detour to take in Woodall Services to drop off a package for Emma.  The run was dominated by the wind, in a few places I was running and seemingly getting nowhere like a cartoon character!  A good workout though and my legs felt like I’d done 20 miles not 13.  Slight niggle right calf still there.

Distance:  21.7km
Time:  2:10:13
Avg HR:  155bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km
Calories:  1746

training run #380

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Thursday 19 January, 06:18.

Cool 7C, overcast with a few spots of rain.  Puddles underfoot.  Went for usual 7 mile run.  Right calf still playing up but aimed to do a steady 6 min/km pace; easy.

Distance:  11.46km
Time:  1:08:46
Avg HR:  139bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km
Calories:  841