training session #386

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Tuesday 31 January, 16:57.

Staying overnight in London for work so decided to check out the small gym. Got on the bike machine, dialled it up to 9 on resistance and tried to keep it around 80rpm for an hour. After 20-25 mins thought I might struggle but kept it going. Slight chafing in between legs and pouring with sweat. Drank 750ml water on bike and half as much again from water point in gym straight away. Garmin HRM kept trying to find satellite cos I pressed the wrong button, and I didn’t tell it I was cycling not running. The cycle machine kept saying I was doing 16 something per hour, dunno if it’s miles or km.

Distance: 16 somethings
Time: 1:00:00
Avg HR: 136bpm
Calories: machine said 600-odd, Garmin said 692

Good workout for my upper legs. HR may have been slightly lower had I not been bopping to 30STM while in the saddle (I had the gym to myself). Towards the end it was stuck in the 150s.


One thought on “training session #386

    wn6jeff said:
    January 31, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Nice one Steve. Sounds like 16mph. Thigh length run leggings are good for gym bikes. Sweatshop do some good Adidas and New Balance ones.

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